Founding Goals

  Chinese medicine, with a history of over two millennia, has its own independent body of theory and a wealth of clinical experience, which is now esteemed abroad as well as at home. With the influence of Western medicine, the need has arisen to integrate Chinese medicine with Western medicine. The Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medical School was established in 1984 with the goal of instilling traditional Chinese medical physicians with a solid understanding of modern medicine. This is the only Chinese medical school taking in students who already have bachelor's degrees in other fields.  Our aim is to bring together knowledge from many fields, to keep alive the tradition of Chinese medicine, and to pioneer the integration of Chinese and Western medicine.

Curriculum Planning

Since our aim is to train modern Chinese doctors, the academic courses include traditional Chinese medicine and modern Western medicine.  Students gaining a total of 232 credits upon graduation are awarded a Bachelor’s Degree of Medicine. During the first three years, students have to complete full courses of Chinese and Western medicine.  In the fourth year, they rotate through observation sessions of western medicine at teaching hospitals; then in the fifth year they devote themselves to Chinese medical internship at teaching hospitals.  In addition to the complete Chinese medical courses, students can enhance their studies through Problem-Based Learning and Clinical Skills Training.  A curriculum approach which makes students aware of the limitations perspective places on problem solving and patient treatment choices will lead students to integrate their original knowledge into the realm of Chinese medicine and henceforth to promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. Today’s patients require a culmination of two vastly different yet complementary pools of medical skills and knowledge.

                    Clinical Skill- Acupuncture

Career Opportunities

  Graduates can either enter the clinical practice of Chinese medicine or go on to postgraduate studies on basic and clinical research.

Aims and Objectives

  With our well-qualified teaching staff our aims are: 
- To combine talents from many branches of learning in basic and clinical  
 research of Chinese medicine.
- To engage our technical staff in the modernization of Chinese medical 
 diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
- To cultivate investigators of Chinese medical heritage and explicate traditional 
 Chinese medical literature.

- To bring together experts from various fields for the on-going development and
 modernization of Chinese medicine.



    Tung-Ti Chang, M.D., PhD.

    School of Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine

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